Parrot Bebop with Sky Controller Bundle


  • Combine one of the most lightweight drones with a state of the art controller
  • Extend WiFi range to 2km!
  • Blue or Red colors available
  • Available now!


The long awaited Bebop drone is now available with a sky controller that offers some amazing benefits.

The main advantage to using the SkyController compared to the normal FreeFlight3 app is the range extension. Parrot claims that now you will be able to fly up to 2km away without any signal loss or interference whatsoever. However, this is yet to be tested. In our review of the Parrot bebop drone, we mentioned that in the initial firmware version there were a number of interference problems. One of the worse ones caused the Bebop to lose control only 20 metres away from an iPad with updated firmware and the latest version of the official Parrot app. This was therefore not a problem caused by the third party hardware, but a problem with the Bebop drone itself.

Early reports of drone flyers using the Bebop with the SkyController do claim that the flight is a lot smoother and so is the signal connection with the drone. If you were one of the lucky ones to have purchased the SkyController and want to share your views, then please contact us. Let us know if you recommend it to others or not, and if not, what are the alternatives that potential Bebop buyers should look for.

There were initially shortages of the SkyController when it first launched, but seem to be plenty of bebop drones and individual controllers available for sale. Whether the SkyController is worth the extra $400, is up to you!


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