DJI Phantom FC40 For Sale

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  • Complete drone for sale with controller, video camera and iOS and Android app compatible
  • 720p HD Video Camera with live WiFi streaming
  •  ‘Return Home’ and enhanced GPS flight mode
  • Prevent drone crashes – inflight autostabilization
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This DJI Phantom FC40 drone available for sale, combines an extremely attractive price when compared to other drones with an incorporated HD video camera. Please note that this drone has currently been discontinued by the manufacturer. We therefore recommend the Phantom 2 Vision currently priced at $759, only $100 more than this FC40. Alternatively, the Bebop drone for sale from Parrot is a more compact high performance drone, priced at $499. You can read our Bebop drone review here although it might be slightly outdated. Parrot has fixed most of the problems with the first versions of the drone, by their latest firmware update. A few FC40 drones are still available in stock.

On top of that, it allows easy integration between the drone software itself and the DJI produced app available both on the iOS and the Android platforms. This app allows you to connect to the WiFi network established between the FC40 drone itself and the phone which can be attached to the controller via a special holder. The main feature here is that you can use your phone or iPad as a video screen and see everything that the camera below the drone sees.

The drone camera comes with 720p video capability and the ability to take 14MP photos which are stored on the SD memory card that inserts into the drone itself. A 16GB memory card for example will let you take hundreds of photos of highest quality and film up to 2 hours of high definition video.

The DJI Phantom FC40 drone has been our best selling drone in 2014. Some sellers on Amazon were offering discounts for this drone, but that was until they ran out. We even mentioned the FC40 drone as one of our top drone deals in the sales in January 2015. At under $500 and free delivery, it was a bargain considering that the DJI Phantom 2 starts from $750 (and that’s after a 40% discount).

It is currently one of the highest rated quadcopters/ drones available to buy on Amazon both because of its price and the functionality that is packed in this little flying object!

The flight time on this little drone is about 20 minutes and the charging takes about an hour. We do recommend however, that you buy an extra drone battery so when you are out on the field, you can just take the old one out and put the charged battery in. This means you won’t have to worry about running out of juice in the field or waiting for the battery to charge, if you brought the charger with you. If you haven’t yet read our article on accessories, check out other drone accessories we recommend that you buy for your brand new drone.

The FC40 drone also features a return home mode, as long as the GPS function works and there are at least two satellites it can connect to. This means that the drone will come back to your location and hover above when the battery is running low. This safety feature is supposed to prevent it from simply falling out of sky when the drone runs out of power.

In summary, the DJI Phantom FC40 drone is one of the top drones for sale produced by DJI and for now at least, it is a camera drone that is top notch quality and affordable at the same time.

8 reviews for DJI Phantom FC40 For Sale

  1. Danno19

    Great price and great functionality from DJI!

  2. James Smith

    I agree that it’s very smooth to fly if you haven’t flown a drone before, just avoid windy conditions. Extremely happy with it so far!

  3. Tanny

    Arrived promptly, after ordering at the weekend. It will make a Merry Christmas!

  4. Tom Belfort

    What more to say! Thanks Drones Den for guiding me to buy this awesome drone. The whole family is happy with the purchase :). I really recommend this to anyone who wants to have some fun outdoors. Tom

  5. JML

    Where do u buy in site?

  6. Laura21

    Very efficient communication. Everyone here was very helpful in helping me pick the right drone.

  7. TT31

    It’s a great starter drone but I’ve recently traded mine for a Phantom Vision 2+ and I’ve never looked back!

  8. Ed021

    Cheap, but the video is very poor quality compared to other drones you can get for only ~100-$200 more!

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