Large Scale UAV Deployment in Ghana

Ghana is set to be overtaken by drones delivering vaccines, test results and medication after a huge investment by two U.S based companies. Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association and Ausley Associates have been discussing the creation of a novel drone delivery network in the African country.

After initially meeting Ghana officials at the Paris Air Show, Ausley, the CEO of Ausley Associates Inc is to take charge of coordinating operations, logistics and other technicalities of drone delivery.

The main intended uses for the new drone network are:

  1. Vaccine delivery
  2. Medication delivery
  3. Delivery of test results to remote areas

Delivery of any sort can take 7-10 days to the remote areas of Ghana, both due to lack of infrastructure and the lack of staffing. For example, medication that require refrigeration was often unable to be delivered even to the patients most in need. The new agreement aims to decrease the delivery times to anywhere in Ghana to half a day.

This is set to be the first large scale UAV deployment for charitable purposes in history and is certainly going to transform the delivery infrastructure in developing countries.