How Popular Have Drones Become?

You may have already read the Beginner’s guide to drone flying if you haven’t yet flown one of these devices, which may have captured your interest. But how popular are drones exactly? And what does the trend in the interest for drones buying look like for the past, future and present? Well, let’s take a look at a few graphs.



The image above shows the extraordinary increase in the trend for drones as indicated by Google over the past 10 years. There is a clear positive trend which is only forecast to increase in the coming years as drones are becoming more and more accessible. I am curious to know what the spikes are; could it be the holiday season, thus capturing those looking for drones for sale as presents? What about the distribution across the world?

Drones Regional Interest

drone_cityThis shows us that by far the high number of people interested in buying drones come from developed countries such as the USA, Australia and UK. Unfortunately Google will only display the top 7 cities in this particular graph but other areas in Western Europe and Asia also have a high search volume.

With no clear guidelines from the FAA addressing drone owners in particular, it is likely that there are going to be future conflicts concerning important issues such as privacy invasion. After all, it has become a lot easier to spy on people as you can now take a high definition drone camera to places that were unreachable before, including high rise buildings and sky scrapers in large cities.

However, we also need to think of the positives such as more amazing footage including videos and pictures that could not be taken before. Drone flying might even become a sport in the future, let’s just hope the skies won’t become dark and congested with large numbers of flying objects!