Drones for Sale this Christmas

There are four main factors to determine if a multi rotor, also called drone for a simpler term, makes a good and ready to fly present this Christmas. These include the quality, value, ease of use and great features. Our easy to use drone buying guide infographic makes this easy to understand. However, since we all have different tastes and expectations from a drone, only you can choose which drone is best for you. If you are planning to buy your first ever drone, you must consider looking at drones reviews first in order to get the best item of its worth. For some ideas, here are drones for sale this Christmas.

Proto X Estes Drone

Proto X is said to be one of the tiniest quadcopters (quadcopter is a multirotor type with 4 rotors) across the globe. This has 3 accelerometers, 3 gyros, four motor speed controllers and radio receiver which are all shoved into a small PCB board with quarter size. This is one of the most inexpensive quadcopters you could purchase. Even thought it’s little, it can till fly really fast.

Since its rotors are little and close together, most people noticed it is pretty difficult to do back turns, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying it out. If you are serious enough to make drones a hobby, this is definitely a good starting point, just be cautious not to buy a defective one.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0Parrot drones for sale

The Parrot AR Drone has to be one of the finest quadcopters around. It includes 1 GB RAM, magnetometers, accelerometers, pressure sensor, two cameras, ultrasonic sensor, 1GHz 32-bit processor and many more. The largest feature of this AR Drone 2.0 is its ability to be controlled by an iPhone. Additionally, you can see a live video feed and record video from the phone screen.

It runs on Linux and since it has an open API platform, you could program it to whatever you want. On the other hand, the biggest problem with this drone is its biggest feature too. Since it can be controlled by an iPhone, this only goes to show that you can never use a regular RC controller together with genuine control sticks to run the item. This also suggests that you cannot fly it manually.

3D Robotics IRIS

Another drone for sale is the IRIS drone, which consists of the most features. Richard Branson also used this recently to film a video of his Neckler Island in the British Virgin Islands. This is a recommended drone to buy for those who like something they can modify and tinker. 3D Robotics IRIS has plenty of auto-pilot features like the GPS waypoint flight, live Iris_5data telemetry, auto landing and takeoff and a lot more.

You can also order this IRIS with the brushless gimbal for the GoPro camera used for recording aerial video. This IRIS drone is a very interesting quadcopter, particularly for those people who like to learn more about how flight controllers and how the systems of auto-pilot works. The price of this drone is pretty expensive (starting from $750) but since it is user-friendly and full-packed with great features, you can definitely include this in your drone collection.

There are more drones for sale you can find online. Read up first on feedback from other users, as well as reviews and product specifications before you jump in to buy your drone, so you can make the most of your investment!

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