Christmas Day Drone Deals

Merry Christmas to all Drones Den readers! I just wanted to write a quick post before heading out highlighting some of the bargain drones for sale on Amazon today. Amazon even sent me an email with some of their drone deals in the drones category, so I thought I’d make a quick list of the drones with the largest discount.

  1. DJI Phantom 2 Vision$1,399 (46% off) $759.00. At a massive 46% discount, this drone is taking the top place today (updated 27 Dec 2014). We are not sure how long this discount will last so we have added it to the top of our recommendations list. Basically, this is one of DJI’s top flying drones, featuring a 14MP camera, 1080p video capability and all the fancy features the other DJI Phantom drones come with. Amazon will also donate 0.5% of the purchase price to charity if you purchase this drone. Read more on Amazon below:
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  2. Hubsan X4 Mini. $249.99 (24% off) $189.99 + free shipping + Amazon smile charity donation. This awesome little drone with camera is reduced from $249.99 to $189.99 and is also eligible for an Amazon Smile donation – Amazon will donate 0.5% of the cost to a charity of your choice, on your behalf. Simply click the button below to visit Amazon to read more details and BUY this awesome little drone. The donation is made automatically at checkout. We have also featured this Hubsan X4 Mini drone on our website.
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  3. Estes 4606 Mini Drone. $59.99 (52% off) $28.99 + free shipping. The second drone for sale and part of the Amazon Christmas Day drone deals is the Estes 4606, reduced a massive 52% to $28.99 and eligible for Prime delivery. Even if you are skeptical about drones, then you have nothing to lose by going ahead and purchasing this, to try it out. It doesn’t have as many features as the more advanced drones, but it is a good starting point for anyone interesting in feeling like they’re flying a quadcopter. This drone is also eligible for an automatic Amazon donation to charity, and you can visit the page below to find out more + more details and BUY!
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  4. DJI Phantom FC40 bundle (32GB memory card + USB card reader). $749.99 (26% off) $554.90 + free shipping + Amazon Smile charity donation. One of the most popular professional drones for sale this Christmas. This DJI Phantom FC40 comes with free shipping directly from Amazon, as well as a 32GB memory card and a USB card reader which you will need to film your HD 720p videos and to take those 14MP photos. Visit the Amazon page below for more details and to BUY; make sure to select the Extended Video Bundle once on that page to make most of the discount and the free shipping available.
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  5. DJI Phantom for GoPro $679.99 (30% off) $478.99 + free shipping. Did you get GoPro camera for Christmas? If so, then this is literally the BEST ‘accessory’ you can buy for it. I’ve put accessory between inverted commas because the drone is a proper device in its own rights, that you can also fly around without the GoPro, but of course you will need both if you plan on taking some cool drone pictures and videos. The DJI Phantom drone gimbal fits all the GoPro models for sale so there should be no compatibility problems.
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fc phantom fc40 christmas deal photoWe may update this page later on, and definitely in the coming days, as soon as we spot more Christmas drone deals that have had a huge discounted price tag on them this Christmas. The after Christmas sales are likely to offer many more such deals, so bookmark this page and check back regularly. If you are still unsure whether a drone would be right for you, and you haven’t got one under the Christmas tree yet, then it’s not too late. Have a look at our Christmas drone buying guide. You can also contact us or ask on our Facebook page if you have any questions or would like technical advice. Happy Christmas everyone!


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  1. Did you find any deals for the Parrot drones by any chance? Either the new Bebop or the mini drones.. I can’t seem them on sale anywhere.

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