These 2 Mini Drones for Sale are Really Cool

So these mini drones released by Parrot back in September are some of the coolest gadgets you will find under the Christmas tree this year. What am I talking about?

First comes the Minidrone Rolling Spider which is a miniature flying object that fits in your palms and can do some unbelievable acrobatics. Check out the video below to see exactly what I mean!

If you are already in possession of one of these, you should check out Parrot’s Facebook page where you can submit your best Rolling Spider pictures and if you are lucky they will feature it on their page.

We haven’t got a Rolling Spider review yet because although we ordered one a while ago, it still hasn’t delivered yet. You can try your luck ordering it from Amazon, but at this point you are unlikely to get it by Christmas unless if you pay a premium and purchase it from one of the third party sellers.

The second mini drone for sale released by Parrot this year is the Jumping Sumo and we are also waiting to receive these by UPS, sometime in the coming days.

Although pretty unhelpful, because we haven’t got a review, we just wanted to shout out to you guys to make you aware of these cool little gadgets. The best part of course is that they are easy to fly, both controllable by the Free Flight 3 app, on your iOS device. These drones for sale would also make great Christmas presents for the little ones, especially the Rolling Spider!