10 Modern and Surprising Uses for Drones

The last post we wrote on this, seven years ago back in 2014 on 50 things you can do with a drone turned out to be one of the most popular posts on here.

The drone industry has come a long way from back then, so I wanted to give it a more modern spin.

Here are 10 innovative and somewhat surprising uses for drones, that we wouldn’t even have thought possible when we first started this blog.

1. Drone Light Shows

Fireworks may soon become a thing of the past, with drone light shows taking over the night sky. They are already featuring in major cities, and replacing fireworks at events such as New Year’s Eve and other anniversaries. There are now specific companies that can arrange drones light shows such as this one. This is not only visually impressive but also more eco-friendly than traditional fireworks.


2. Dog Walking and Monitoring

Drones are now apparently even used to monitor and walk dogs, according to these facts on Fetched. This drone use is actually pretty close to our previous fact #10 where we mentioned how GPS pre-programmed drones could in fact one day be used to walk your dog! With advanced automated tracking features, drones can follow and record your pet’s every move, making sure they don’t wander off too far.

Couple this with a brand new advanced GPS collar and you’re sorted!

3. Emergency Response

Drones are becoming a vital tool in emergency response, facilitating quicker reactions in critical situations.

They are already used in disaster management and these industrial-type drones come equipped with thermal imaging as well.

4. Environmental Monitoring and Conservation

Drones are playing a significant role in conserving our environment. They can be used to monitor and identify new areas of deforestation or illegal cutting down of trees in remote regions that would have been much costlier to do previously.

5. Agriculture

In the agriculture sector, drones are being utilized for precision farming. They can efficiently monitor crop health, assist in irrigation management, and optimize the application of herbicides, pesticides, or other crop stimulants. This can lead to increased productivity for the farmers.

6. Real Estate

Drones have revolutionized the real estate industry by providing comprehensive aerial views of properties. Any high profile listing in the 7 figures+ range would be expected to have at least an outside aerial view shot taken by a drone. High-quality drone footage also allows potential buyers to get a unique perspective of their future homes and surroundings.

7. Chemotherapy/ Medication Delivery

The first drone to deliver blood samples from remote areas, followed up a return trip with chemotherapy medication has been trialled in the UK. Apparently the time was reduced from 4 hours to 30 minutes and now the patients no longer have to cross with a ferry from the Isle of Wight to the mainland in order to receive the treatment.

8. Filmmaking and Event Coverage

Drones have significantly impacted the film industry and event coverage. They provide unique aerial shots and dynamic footage, enhancing viewer experiences in movies, sports events, concerts, and more.

9. Archaeological Exploration

Archaeologists are employing drones to explore and map hard-to-reach archaeological sites. Drones can create detailed 3D maps, plan excavation strategies, and even help protect sites from looting or natural disasters.

10. Light Painting Photography

A rather unexpected use that I couldn’t have predicted 7 years ago. In addition to traditional photography and videography, drones equipped with lights can be used in long-exposure shots to create stunning “light painting” imagery.

drone light painting halo around a mountain peak